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Losing your teeth is a serious issue that affects your entire life. Basic functions like eating and speaking become challenging. Your digestion suffers, which can impact your overall nutrition. The quality of your smile greatly suffers as well, which can also impact your confidence. Replacing your missing teeth is essential for restoring the functions of your missing teeth and your quality of life. Legato Dental Centre can replace your missing teeth with dentures.

Complete and Partial Dentures

Complete and partial dentures are the traditional treatments used to replace missing teeth. A complete denture is what most people think about when the word denture is mentioned. It is used to replace an entire arch of missing teeth. A partial denture replaces a section of missing teeth. Both of these restorations consist of replacement teeth that are set into a rigid base.

The base is made to rest directly on your gum tissue, relying on the tissue for support. Modern dentures and partials have acrylic resin or porcelain teeth and are designed to look exactly like your real teeth. The base can be colored to match the exact color of your natural gum tissue and can be made to mimic the tissue texture as well. Both complete and partial dentures are removable and need to be taken out each night for cleaning.
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Bar Retained Overdentures

Bar retained overdentures are a type of dentures that use dental implants. With this treatment, four implant posts are placed into your jawbone. A titanium bar is then attached to your implant posts. Your replacement teeth snap into place on the bar, supporting your teeth. The implants help to keep your replacement teeth held securely in place. The teeth can also easily be removed to be cleaned each night. With bar retained overdentures, you do not have to worry about your dentures slipping or falling out of place when you eat or speak.
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Locator Overdentures

Locator overdentures are another type of implant retained denture. Like bar retained overdentures, this treatment uses dental implants to anchor your dentures in place. Locator overdentures typically use two to four implant posts in the lower jaw or up to 6 implant posts in the upper jaw. This treatment is more common in the lower denture, where traditional dentures are likely to slip out of place.

Locator overdentures snap into place on the implant post, almost like a button. We have control over how tight or how loose the attachment of your dentures is with this treatment. For instance, older patients who lack the manual dexterity to pop their dentures off the implant posts may be provided with a looser fit. Your overdentures are meant to be taken out every night for cleaning. When cleaning your gums, it is also important to remember to clean the attachments as well.

With locator overdentures, the lifespan of the attachments, which are made from plastic, typically last 18 months to two years, although some can last longer. The attachments, which are screwed into place on the implants can easily be changed out right here in our office.
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If you have suffered tooth loss, dentures can help to restore the functions of your missing teeth and improve the quality of your smile. For more information, and to find out which dentures are the right solution for you, call Legato Dental Centre at (250) 860-5253 to schedule your consultation today.

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