Our Philosophy

Legato Dental Centre philosophy
Our modern society is busy and rushed. At Legato Dental Centre we strive to take the time necessary to understand you and your wants and your needs. Once we establish this we are able to develop a winning plan for your treatment and achieve results that consistently satisfy our patients.

We strive to use current materials and techniques, but never forget the foundational science upon which successful dental treatment is achieved, time with the patient.


We will earn the loyalty of our patients by consistently exceeding their expectations for personal service, excellence in dentistry and warm hospitality.


Every man, women, and child deserves and requires a whole dentition for proper digestion, nutrition, smiling, speaking and self-confidence. These are basic requirements for a person to thrive in our community. We will build a facility where human dignity is nurtured and developed through the maintenance, reconstruction, and replacement of teeth. We will provide the very best dental solutions and strive to build systems and strategies to make them affordable and available to every person in our community.

Core Values: Positivity, Love for Others, Excellence, Trustworthiness, Over-deliverance, Patience, Fun.

Legato Dental Centre

203, 1890 Cooper Road
Kelowna, BC V1Y 8B7, Canada

(250) 860-5253

Office Hours

Monday – Thursday: 8am – 5pm
Friday:11am – 3pm
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